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November 2010

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This is our third issue of the g2 turftools newsletter. We hope to provide you with useful information that you can use on your own sports field or golf course. It's our way of letting you in on what's happening with g2 turftools, interesting articles, as well as sharing tips and insight on trends and best practices in the turf industry. We hope that you will continue to receive our newsletters and even share some of your own tips and insights.

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  did you know?

Did you know that you can use "water budget" or "% adjust" to manage you irrigation needs on a day to day basis without the need to reprogram each station in the controller.

Below are a few ideas and suggestions from Eric Merkt, a Certified Golf Course Irrigation Designer and Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor.


step one

Set watering time to 10 minutes on full circle heads.

  step 1  

step two

Set watering time to 5 minutes on part circle heads.

  step 2  

step three

Set water budget to 180%, this will run full circle heads for 18 minutes and part circle heads for 9 minutes.


step four

You can now change water budget to vary your irrigation run times based on climatic conditions.


step five

Vary individual stations based on conditions in the field. If you have wet areas decrease run time for those stations accordingly. If you have areas not receiving enough water increase run time for those stations.

Set Water budget to 180%
Station 1 (full circle) perfect with 10 minutes / adjusted run time 18 minutes
Station 2 (full circle) dry, increase run time to 12 minutes / adjusted run time 22 minutes
Station 3 (full circle) perfect with 10 minutes / adjusted run time 18 minutes
Station 4 (full circle) perfect with 10 minutes / adjusted run time 18 minutes
Station 5 (full circle) wet, decrease run time to 8 minutes / adjusted run time 14 minutes
Station 6 (part circle) perfect with 5 minutes / adjusted run time 9 minutes
You can also vary your nozzles to further manage you irrigation system.


station 1station 6

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