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Louisiana turfplaning service provider

la2On April 11 we delivered our fourth turfplaner™ to our service provider for the State of Louisiana. We are very excited to have Alternative Turfplaner set up and ready to go.


prepping a softball field

softball-1Did you know that adding more seed in midseason can help lessen wear and tear on Bermuda grass turf? This is exactly what Paul Patterson of the University of Alabama Huntsville does to help keep their softball field in pristine condition throughout the season. Paul also shares a few other tips to help get your field looking good all season long.

It is always a challenge keeping an athletic field in top condition, here are some of the practices we use at UAH on our softball field to accomplish that. We overseed each fall with 16lbs of rye per 1000 square feet. During the season we add 2 lbs per 1000 more in mid March. Adding more seed in midseason helps fill in worn high traffic areas and lessens wear and tear on the Bermuda grass turf.



"Every sports field manager should have a turffloat. We use ours on infields, warning tracks and all of our athletic fields to fill and smooth away any problems."
Scott Urbantke
University of Alabama

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