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about g2 turftools, inc.

g2 turftools® is a company dedicated to providing precision turf equipment for sports fields and golf courses. Its mission is to provide experienced quality turf managers with high quality products that make their jobs more cost effective and help them establish a new level of playability and aesthetically beautiful turf.

Our equipment has been designed and developed by an experienced sports field contractor. Pro Rain, owned by Eric Merkt and Clellon Downs, started building and maintaining athletic fields in 1997. They needed a better way of keeping the fields smooth and playable, so they developed a turfroller™ to use instead of the bulky asphalt rollers used by most athletic field managers. The turffloat™ was also developed to replace the drag mat that was used to break up aerification cores and to fill in low spots. The problem with a drag mat is that it only broke up the cores and followed the contours of the field. The turffloat™ not only gets rid of the cores, but fills in the low spots without creating a high spot on one side.

Although all of our equipment has been further developed from the original models built by Pro Rain, they are still of the highest quality and keep the same principle Eric and Clellon want – quality turf equipment to help maintain a high level of playability on sports fields.

lindsay-bioLindsay Merkt

Lindsay graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a Master of Arts in graphic design. When g2 turftools began, she was responsible for all of the branding and marketing of the company. In 2010, she took over the business and sales of the company.  Prior to g2 turftools, Lindsay worked as a design associate for a textile company. She left that company in 2007 and devoted her time to g2 turftools. She has recently been a high school soccer coach and an adjunct instructor at ITT Technical Institute in Greenville, South Carolina. Lindsay completed her Masters of Business Administration in International Business from the University of North Alabama in 2016.

eric-bioEric Merkt

Eric graduated from Athens State with a degree in business. Eric and Clellon formed Pro Rain Irrigation Services in 1989 and began building athletic fields shortly after. He is a building general contractor and designer, an irrigation contractor and designer, athletic field contractor and designer, and has designed, developed, and manufactured turf equipment, known to everyone as g2 turftools®. He is also an avid turf hobbyist.

clellon-bioClellon Downs

Clellon and Eric formed Pro Rain Irrigation Services in 1989 and began building athletic fields shortly after. Clellon is an irrigation contractor, athletic field contractor, and a turf equipment manufacturer. He played an integral part in developing all of our equipment. He is also a well established farmer in the Limestone County area.


"Every sports field manager should have a turffloat. We use ours on infields, warning tracks and all of our athletic fields to fill and smooth away any problems."
Scott Urbantke
University of Alabama

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