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STMA Conference 2013

IMG 1689This year the STMA conference was held in Daytona Beach, Florida. This year it only took us 11 hours to get to the conference, versus the three days it tooks us to haul equipment out to Long Beach. We started preparing about 6 months before the show, but still managed to wait until the last minute to get a few things done. It's amazing that when you have a whole year to prepare for something, you still wait until the last minute. We were excited to see other vendors and some of our customers. STMA did a great job putting on the show and we look forward to next year!

We were excited to be chosen to have a five minute presentation that was part of the "New Trends and Techniques" presentation on Wednesday morning. We did our presentation on the turfplaner which as you may know, was chosen as the 2012 Innovative Product of the Year. It was great to see what some of the other companies were doing and how they market themselves. We thought the format was perfect, it allowed each vendor enough time to get their point accross but wasn't long enough to bore the audience. If you're not familiar with the format, or didn't get a chance to see it, each vendor was allowed 20 slides that automatically transistioned, and you had five minutes to get your point accross. All questions and comments were held until after the presentations were over, which was suppose to increase booth traffic. We had several come by our booth and say that they saw our presentation, which was very encouraging. We hope that you got enough information in the five minute presentation to peak your interest a little bit. We are very excited about the turfplaner and all of the interest we still receive on it. If you want to check out the slides, you can download the pdf here: New Trends and Techniques pdf

We had a drawing for an iPad mini. We had so many people stop by and drop in their business card or fill out our information card. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Our winner was all the way from Coloma, Wisconsin and we hope she is enjoying her new iPad mini! We also want to congratulate this years STMA Innovative Product of the year - Green Source! 

STMA has done a great job of providing education materials to those who were unable to attend the show. You can find all of the edication sessions on the website at Also make sure you check out the latest issue of Sports Turf Magazine -

We look forward to next years show! See you in San Antonio!
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