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A patent pending device specifically designed to replace roller equipment which over compacted the soil and left roller ridges caused by the straight edges of the roller. With a high center of gravity, narrow widths and slow transport speeds, rolling was painfully slow and extremely dangerous on slopes. You can now easily improve rolling production without compaction problems to the underlining soil. With an average of 9.69 pounds per square inch (psi) ground pressure compared to more than 26 psi for a 170-pound person walking, the turfroller™ smooths out irregularities created by foot traffic and high ground-pressure equipment. Natural heaving caused by soil freezing and thawing can be quickly smoothed out. Rolling has become a basic turf management practice to smooth the surface and place disturbed turf back in contact with the soil. Rolling immediately after athletic events increases the opportunity for the turf to heal quickly while promoting root re-growth. With the g2 optional grass catchers and extra large drain & fill plugs, that beautiful, playable turf everyone desires is now easier than ever. In summary, the turfroller™ uses include rolling the finished grade prior to installing sod; rolling newly-laid sod to remove air pockets; rolling existing athletic fields, golf course tees, greens, & fairways; rolling clay tennis courts, baseball infields and warning tracks; and rolling any surface that needs to be firm and smooth without creating compaction problems.
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description turf specific roller
width 84"
length 129"
weight full 4,480 lbs
weight empty 1,880 lbs
rolling width 84"
hitch required 2" ball
tractor required 25 hp
productivity at 2 mph: 1.5 Acres
frame & tongue 3" x 6" x 3/16" steel tubing
roller 84" x 30" x 3/8" steel roller
roller shaft 84" x 30" x 3/8" steel roller
roller bearings 1 1/2" flange bearings
roller ends 1/4" steel elliptical rounded ends
scrapers dual scraper bars (1 mud/1 grass)
drains 2-2" recessed fill/drain plugs
hitch 2" straight ball coupler/bulldog hitch
tongue jack snap ring side wind bulldog jack
grease fittings all movable parts & bearings
hydraulic connectors John Deere or Kubota (specify when ordering)
hydraulics required auxiliary for transport wheels
wheel spindles 3,500 lb ag sealed bearing
wheels 15" steel wheels
tires 15"
options also available in 72" x 30" width; aluminum grass catchers; transport assembly with hydraulic wheels; auxiliary hydraulic power unit
shawn"I never dreamed using the turfroller on my tees and fairways would make such a difference."

Shawn Hollis
Canebrake Golf Club
Athens, Alabama

jeff“With over 180 acres of sports fields we use our turfroller before and after every major event to keep the playing surface smooth and playable.”

Jeff Dunlap
City of Decatur Parks and Recreation
Decatur, Alabama
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"Every sports field manager should have a turffloat. We use ours on infields, warning tracks and all of our athletic fields to fill and smooth away any problems."
Scott Urbantke
University of Alabama

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